Akhand Bharat Parishad

The Akhand Bharat Parishad (“ABP”) is an Indian organisation based on the ideology of cultural uniqueness of the Indian Subcontinent. The name “Akhand Bharath Parishad”in English means Greater India Council.

The ABP was founded on 17 July 2020 by Dr S R Naresh Ram as the founder president along with his concurring friends and counterparts. ABP is registered as a Trust with its headquarters in Chembuchira Thrissur district of Kerala India. The objective is to build the Akhand Bharat (Greater India) in reality by achieving social, economic, peace, friendship and Community Development among the geographical land of Akhand Bharat ".

The Primary objectives of the Parishad is to promote social integrity, achieve economic relationship, promote peace, friendship and harmony and development of community for the people of India with the people in other countries belonging to the geographical land of Akhand Bharat.